Last year I was able to undertake a garage conversion in order to set up my dedicated private conservation working space. The project was finished around May 2016, so I have been using the space for nearly a year now, […]


CPD Update

It has been a considerable time since I last posted anything, so thought an update was one overdue! Since starting my part-time post at Bethlem Museum in October 2014, just over two years ago, I have had some great opportunities […]


New Job

It’s been quite some time since I last posted anything, after returning to London from Canada, a little over a year ago, things were pretty busy! I secured a contract role at The National Archives, and gained invaluable experience in […]


Volunteering at MOA..

Yesterday I completed my first volunteering session at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver. I am undertaking a few months volunteer work there, with the aim of learning more about collection management issues. The first day’s tasks however were more about […]


Ceramic Packing Project..

During January 2013 I undertook a ceramic packing project for the Museum of Anthropology (MOA), Vancouver. A private donation of Peruvian ceramics was donated to the museum, which had to be wrapped and packed, before being transported to the museum […]


Calcium Phytate Treatment

Recently I undertook a calcium phytate treatment on a document featuring iron gall ink, following the guidelines found on the ink corrosion website. The treatment was carried out on a bench, rather than in baths, as an experiment in working […]


Parchment Mounting..

I recently undertook a very quick project in one morning, on work placement at the ERO, whereby I had to mount two parchment documents for display. The documents had already been cleaned and did not require any further treatment, thus […]


Marriage Licenses..

The other week I had the opportunity to wash, rinse and deacidify a large quantity of documents at the ERO. The documents were marriage licenses, of which the ERO holds many, and had previously been surface cleaned. Thus they were […]