It has been a considerable time since I last posted anything, so thought an update was one overdue!

Since starting my part-time post at Bethlem Museum in October 2014, just over two years ago, I have had some great opportunities for continued professional development (CPD). I attended a two day course at The London Metropolitan Archives, aimed at teaching flat works paper conservators basic book conservation techniques. I also attended the ICON book and paper group conference, ‘Adapt & Evolve’, in April 2015, which was a three day conference focusing onĀ East Asian materials and techniques in Western conservation. Through the London Museums Regional Development team I have been on several training days including managing archives, pest monitoring and art handling.

I also regularly attend the lectures and events that the IPCG organise. These have included at trip to the London Metropolitan Archives to learn about ‘The Great Parchment Project’, lectures about techniques for washing paper, treating wallpaper, and a large scale team project to conserve ten huge 19th century cartoon panels by the artist Daniel Maclise.

This year a small group of my peers and I also began a skills exchange group. The group consists of three book conservators and three paper conservators, teaching each other in order to expand our knowledge and skill set.

Upcoming events include a day trip to the British Museum to see their brand new conservation Western studio and facilities, and I am hoping to attend the ‘Gels in Conservation’ conference in October 2017 organised by IAP in association with Tate, as well as other training events I have my eye on!