With two more weeks left to finish the major project on my current MA degree course, I thought an update of the progress made might be of interest.. The project has involved the conservation of a Cantonese folding fan (see earlier post), and treatment thus far has included surface cleaning, consolidation, adhesive and accretion removal, and now the final stages of repair and housing.

The repair element of the project has been particularly challenging, requiring much testing, planning and fiddly, detailed work. A laminate of Japanese and toned Chinese papers are being used for the infills, and toned tissues for the hinge and tear repairs. Working on such a small scale has required precision and patience, and has proved very challenging on a practical level. Once the project is finished I hope to make it available for viewing on this website, where much more detailed information can be gleaned regarding the treatments and decision-making processes involved within my major project. On completing all the repairs, images will follow here too, but for now, below is a ‘before’ shot of the fan I have been working on. Some repairs had been made at this stage, hinging loose folds back onto the mount, and hinging large tears back together, but the main infills are still currently being undertaken..