This was a short project undertaken at the National Maritime Museum, London. Treatments that were undertaken are described below.


The book was first surface cleaned, on the external covers, the text block edges, and on the internal text block pages, using a brush and chemical sponge.

The book was supported in an open position using plastazote, board off-cuts and soft light weights, and loose areas of the book’s fly leaves were re-adhered using methyl cellulose.

The gutters at both the front and back could then be repaired. A strip of Japanese Gampi was applied first to provide extra support for the repair. Next the toned repair paper was adhered over the Gampi strip. Kawasaki was used for the repairs as it has a fairly pronounced difference between each side, with the rougher side providing a good surface for adhesion to the object, whilst the smoother side was aesthetically pleasing in this case. The Kawasaki was toned using acrylics, and experiments with creating a slightly glossy surface were undertaken using methyl cellulose and burnishing, to find a good match to the object. Burnishing with a bone folder through Bondina gave the best results and this was therefore chosen.