For the major project element of the MA Conservation course, I worked on a double-sided Cantonese folding fan, dated c.1840. The fan was in a very poor state – it was dirty, brittle, extensively torn, had areas missing, including two entire folds, the media was flaking and vulnerable, and the fan could not be opened out properly as it pinged closed when attempts to do so were made. An old piece of pipe cleaner was acting as the rivet, and it also had no housing or storage to protect it from further damage.


A summary of the treatments undertaken includes pre-treatment documentation; testing and media identification; dry and aqueous surface cleaning; disassembly followed by humidification and gentle flattening; media consolidation using Funori; tear and infill repairs using toned Chinese and Japanese papers and tissues; reassembly; and the creation of two storage/display solutions.


The project is too detailed and lengthy to describe in full on this page alone, thus the full report can be read here.