A parchment dentistry certificate was worked on for this project, during studio time at university.


The parchment had been stored rolled up and was therefore heavily curled. It had surface dirt and two tears along one edge, that had become wedge-shaped due to shrinkage of the parchment over time. There was also a large rudimentary paper repair along one edge of the verso, the same edge with the tears.


The object was first surface cleaned using chemical sponge, then the paper repair was mechanically removed. A few areas of paper remained adhered to the object and these were removed using a little moisture. Humidification and flattening then followed, being repeated a number of times to reduce the curling of the parchment.

Repairs were then carried out on the tears, using a thin, buffered parchment, paired along the edges, and adhered using wheat starch paste. These were left to dry over night and remoistenable tissues were then adhered to either side of the tear repairs using a cold gelatine paste.

The certificate was then mounted using Melinex strips, to a supporting mount board, and a card cover was hinged over the top of it. This structure served to help keep the parchment flat and prevent it curling up, and offered a nice method of presentation for the owner.